Navigating A Relationship In Which Only One Partner Drinks

There is no rule saying that you and your partner can’t both give a little and come to a compromise when it comes to alcohol intake. If you don’t suspect your partner is dealing with an actual substance abuse issue and you don’t hold a staunch moral opposition to alcohol, nothing is stopping you from meeting in the middle. Before you attend your next social event together, discuss the possibility of a compromise.

If your partner normally has five or six drinks when you go out and you typically have one, if any, there is plenty of room to compromise. Perhaps you agree to both have three drinks at the next event you attend. The next day, discuss how you each felt about your level of consumption. If either of you felt uncomfortable, make adjustments for the next event. Maybe this time, you agree to have two drinks and your partner agrees to stop at four. Continue to experiment until you reach what feels like a fair compromise for both of you. 

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