The Viral Apple Cider Vinegar Hack That Needs To Be In Your Foot Care Routine

Apple cider vinegar is great for your skin — and that’s an understatement. To reap the benefits of the hack, all it takes is 30 minutes. You’ll want to pour 1 cup of apple cider vinegar for every 4 cups of water. You can repeat this soak a few times a week or more frequently if you prefer. Before long, you’ll notice just how clean, relaxed, and in overall good condition your feet become.

What’s more, the viral TikTok video asserts that, over time, an apple cider vinegar foot bath can remove foot warts — and a follower confirmed that. “My daughter had six warts on her knee. I soaked a bandage in ACV and placed it on her 15 mins 3x, and they’re gone. Fell right off,” the comment read. Several other followers said the solution worked for their warts as well. 

One viewer shared their father’s experience with apple cider vinegar. “My dad had plantar fasciitis, and he literally cured himself by wearing ACV soaked socks overnight,” the comment read. Several other TikTok users shared their positive experiences as well, with some saying it worked for ringworm. Another, who claimed to have “worked at a podiatrist’s office for 10 years,” confirmed that “most of this is true.”

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