How To Snap Out Of The Everyday Doldrums And Be More Present

With so much going on in our everyday lives, multitasking seems like a necessity if we want to get things done. While it may make us feel superhuman when we hop on a call, check our emails, and do our daily squats at the same time, juggling too many things at once is a quick way to burn ourselves out. Having too much on our plates can actually counteract our productivity. According to Psychology Today, each time we switch gears, our brain needs time to stop and start all over again, making us more prone to mistakes.

Instead, try single-tasking. Focus all your energy on one thing and you’ll see that you’ll get more done. You’ll also feel more connected to what you’re doing and find meaning in your work. Even if it’s an arduous task, such as filing your taxes or weeding your lawn, find joy in completing it and treat yourself to a reward afterward.

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