9 Open Kitchen Ideas That Are Both Stylish and Functional

Joke Eden, architect, designer, and one of the two managing directors of Donnerblitz Design, transformed a Münster, Germany, townhouse from 1900 into his dream home. However, the highlight of the project is the kitchen on the first floor. Joke wanted a light and airy look, which is why most of the elements—the cabinets, walls, and floor—are in white, complemented by accents in yellow and orange. Sufficient storage space was created with floor-to-ceiling cabinets and an island, which Joke outfitted with an eye-catching custom terrazzo top and the three-dimensional oak paneling. The latter makes the island look less “kitcheny” and more like a bar when seen from the living room side.

Contemporary meets vintage

The brushed aluminum, from which the fronts are made, shimmers silky and reflects the incident sunlight in an extraordinary way. Wall sconces by RBW, ceiling lights by RH

Photo: Sean Davidson

Interior designers Selma Akkari and Rawan Muqaddas deliberately went for exciting contrasts when renovating this apartment in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood. It’s not surprising, then, that when it came to choosing a kitchen, they opted for a model by Denmark’s David Thulstrup, who is best known for his skillful combination of refined and ultra-modern elements. Here, industrial-looking aluminum elements, eye-catching Calacatta marble, and dark wood mingle elegantly. Additionally, the absence of wall cabinets makes the kitchen unit and island look more like pieces of furniture and thus better integrated into the living area. The overall design emphasizes the apartment’s airy, contemporary atmosphere while staying true to the building’s historic character.

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