10 Best Nursery Dressers, Tested and Reviewed

Ample storage space for baby’s room—including the best nursery dressers and changing tables—are a must. Even though baby clothes and newborn diapers feel too tiny to wreak havoc, don’t be fooled! Baby gear accumulates quickly and requires plenty of space.

Dressers can be a high-ticket item, something that—especially when built well—can start in the $500 price range and quickly rise into the thousands. Thinking about a nursery dresser as an investment piece, I am quick to consider designs that will last beyond infancy and into the toddler years, perhaps even versatile enough to live in rooms beyond the baby room. Other factors that are top of mind: How easy is it to wipe clean? How easily and quietly do the drawers open and close? How much storage does it offer?

We explored these pressing questions and so much more in our nursery dresser reviews. After months of research, we vetted the best of the best and rounded them up for you here. 

If you’d like to read more about what to consider when choosing a nursery dresser, keep on scrolling! 

Accommodating small spaces

Many say that you don’t need much room for a newborn. It’s not uncommon for new parents to try to make the most of a small space turned baby nursery, whether that ends up being the corner of your bedroom, a closet, or even a kitchen nook! Finding a compact dresser—generally 3-drawer dressers that are under 40 inches wide—is a great way to work with a minimal footprint, as well as take advantage of maximizing the top as a changing station combo for diaper changes.

Double duty

For maximalists, those with twins, more than one kiddo sharing a room, or simply those vying for ample drawer storage, 6-drawer dressers are a great option to investigate. A classic design, 6-drawer dressers can offer larger drawers, more room to store diapers, wipes, hats, swaddles, clothing, and more, and can be a beautiful focal point in a kids room. Larger dressers also have the longevity to grow up alongside your children, accommodating larger clothing over the years.


The best baby furniture doesn’t have to be baby furniture at all. Chances are, you very well might have an underused piece in your home that could make for a great baby dresser. Alternatively, perhaps you like the look of a piece of furniture that has seen the world, has history, or offers a Danish teak flair. In any case, of all items for a nursery, a dresser is a great option to go secondhand. It can be a great cost savings option while adding some extra personality to the nursery decor. Learn more about choosing a vintage piece here. [JUMP LINK TO BOTTOM]

A note on safety

When asked what to keep in mind when assessing dresser functionality in a nursery, Kenya Stabler, Senior Designer and Project Manager at Marea Clark Interiors (and mom to twin toddler girls), highlights safety, versatility, and ease of use: “Safety first! Make sure it has a sturdy/solid base and can be fastened to a wall,” she says. “You’ll also want to keep in mind that eventually your kiddos will be able to open drawers on their own, so you’ll want to make sure the drawers don’t slide out too easily.”

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