This 860-Square-Foot Berlin Apartment Is a Celebration of Colors and Contrasts

In each room, the design duo highlighted a bespoke element that defines that space and—as Elena and Alex put it—represents a break with traditional ideas of what an apartment should be. In the open kitchen, the white-tiled kitchen island catches everyone’s eye. “We decided to cover it with a special edition of classic 10-by-10-inch tiles that include rounded edges to create an even stronger contrast with the historic details of the home,” says Alex. Functionally, the sculptural object serves the needs of the clients, who often uses his home for events and receptions. “He initially wanted to have a kitchen separate from the living room. We suggested instead creating a large opening between the two spaces for more flexibility and adding the island as a multipurpose focal point. Sometimes it serves as a kitchen island, and other times as a bar for events—it even includes an icebox for food and drinks,” says Elena.

For his 860-square-foot Berlin apartment, the resident wanted a modern interior with warm hues that would create a welcoming atmosphere in the gray capital.

Luca Girardini

The designers broke up the clinical white of the kitchen walls with a bright red stripe above the countertops and the bold blue of the cabinets. In the pink living room, the same shade of blue reappears on the sofa by Noah Living. The cross-shaped lamp above the dining table was made especially for the apartment by Berlin-based design studio Rlon. “It emphasizes the idea of contrasts which is central to this particular home,” says Alex. Creating visual connections between spaces, both for functional and aesthetic ends, was also an important part of the design concept.

“The public areas were a priority to accommodate the client’s parties,” says Alex. “That’s why we connected the living room and kitchen and added a large, tiled island that can also be used as a bar for events.”

Luca Girardini

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