The Best Websites to Get Your Art Framed Online

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First, there was the digital camera; next, there was the smartphone; now, there’s Instagram. Taking quality photos whenever and sharing them has never been easier, but we still crave more permanent homes for our best works. But it can be tempting (and easy) to keep them hidden away on our phones and feeds—after all, professional printing and framing is costly and complicated, right?

Thankfully, it’s not as pricey as you might imagine—if you know where to look. Bonus: a few will take your non-digital memories, like souvenirs or even fabric, and frame them as well. We’ve rounded up our favorite sources for quality online framing so you can get your favorite memories off your phone and onto your wall.

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Apartment Therapy’s Quick & Easy Frame Shop

Because we care a lot about good framing, Maxwell collaborated with Simply Framed to curate a classic frame choice that will quickly and easily get you to a great frame. The biggest problem with professional framing is dealing with all the choices you need to make, and being sure that you’re making good ones. This is what he says:

As I’ve framed many photos, prints, drawings and objects over the years, I’ve settled on a favorite framing setup: a clean, classic, square cap gallery style that always looks great and can hang in any room. It’s also perfect for gallery walls.

Here are my choices: 

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