The WealthStack Podcast: Digitizing Your Practice End-To-End

Financial advisors have a plethora of options when it comes to building their tech stack. But, how can they ultimately leverage new technology to deliver a meaningful client experience?

In this episode, Shannon Rosic, director of WealthStack content and solutions, speaks with Jason Pereira, an award-winning financial planner, entrepreneur, and fintech expert, on how every part of the client experience and business management can be enhanced and made more efficient through digitization and automation. 

Shannon and Jason discuss:

  • How advisors can demonstrate value to clients through technology 
  • What it means to digitize your practice from end-to-end
  • How technology is following the market to meet the needs of clients
  • Why niche marketing could be the key to helping drive growth rates 

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About Our Guest:

Jason Pereira, R.F.P.,  is a financial planner, entrepreneur, writer, broadcaster, podcaster and professor.  He is Partner, Senior Financial Consultant, at Woodgate Financial Partners as well as a part-time professor at the Schulich School of Business. Jason is the founder of two technology start-ups and host of the Fintech Impact podcast. He holds two degrees and seven designations, is a three-time winner of the Global Financial Planning Award and finalist/winner of 28 other industry awards.


THE FUTURE OF WEALTH MANAGEMENT IS DIGITAL, and cutting-edge technology is powering a new generation of growth-minded advisors. Find out more at WealthStack.

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