Potential Signs You May Have Fertility Problems (& How To Move Forward Confidently)

It can be easy to scoff at the idea of being exposed to a toxin — you’d probably remember if you had an accident while touring a nuclear power plant, right? However, there are plenty of toxins you may be exposed to in everyday life that can cause your fertility problems. The most concerning toxins you may have been exposed to are “endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs),” according to a study conducted by StatPearls. EDCs can come from things you never would have considered: soy products, teas, lubricants, and lavender oils.

More obvious are things like industrial chemicals, including flame retardants and pesticides. There is also the possibility of heavy metal exposure — there’s a reason that we’ve become so careful about lead paint, after all. Aside from lead, there’s also the chance of “exposure” to arsenic or mercury, both of which can sometimes contaminate food or water supplies.

While it may be hard to think of an incident where you could have been exposed to an environmental toxin, testing can further help you determine if this may be a possibility factoring into your difficulty conceiving. Talk to your doctor or OBGYN about the possibility, and if you think you have recently been exposed, call Poison Control or your local health department immediately. 

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