A Licensed Dietitian Explains If There Are Legitimate Health Benefits To Fasting

When you bump your knee or cut your finger, you may notice some redness and swelling after. This is the body’s natural inflammatory response to protect itself from invaders like bacteria and viruses. However, Cleveland Clinic notes that when inflammation is long-lasting, it may cause chronic pain, fatigue, rashes, and other symptoms.

Your body isn’t meant to constantly fight off potential threats with inflammation. One way to reduce inflammation is by fasting, explains Mary Sabat. “Studies have found that fasting can reduce inflammation by reducing the production of inflammatory cytokines and increasing the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines,” Sabat says. “In addition, fasting can reduce oxidative stress, which is also associated with inflammation. Fasting can also help reduce levels of free radicals, which can cause inflammation.”

Sabat also reveals that fasting can keep inflammation under control by reducing glucose and insulin in the bloodstream, which in turn may also lower your chances of developing type 2 diabetes (an inflammatory condition in itself), per Medical News Today.

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