Your Guide To How Each Enneagram Type Deals With Stress

Enneagram type fives are also called “The Investigator” for how much they love to gather information. You probably won’t find a five socializing at a party; rather, fives tend to be pretty private and understated by choice, as they’d rather fly under the radar than be noticed. Knowledge and self-sufficiency are important to a five, who you might find researching vaccines in a lab or teaching at a university. They can seem impersonal, but it’s just because of their private exterior — once you get to know a five, you’ll find their ability to listen and give measured, objective responses impressive, and their wealth of knowledge will let you talk with them for hours (or as long as this introverted type wants) about nearly anything.

Because fives spend so much of their time in their head, when they’re stressed out, all they want to do is distract themselves, so they tend to embody unhealthy qualities of a type seven. This can lead them to engage in very uncharacteristic behavior, like partying excessively or engaging in risky behavior like abusing drugs, sex, and alcohol. If you notice your typically quiet, studied, demure five friend suddenly going out all the time or busying themselves more than normal, it’s a good idea to check in and see if anything’s been stressing them out recently. Fives, remember that it’s great to gather knowledge, but knowledge in itself won’t necessarily solve anything — sometimes you need to act on it to realize your dreams.

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