Intraoral Massages Could Be Key In Easing TMJ Pain

As with any other treatment method, results vary from person to person, but some people experience immediate results after an intraoral massage. Jennifer Li, a beauty editor and intraoral massage recipient, shared her experience on The Zoe Report. Li received the massage from a holistic facialist as part of an external facial massage, after mentioning her TMJ discomfort.

After the intraoral massage, Li said her mouth “felt a lot looser and relaxed.” Before the massage, she dealt with several TMJ disorder symptoms. “My main symptoms are getting my jaw stuck and struggling to open my mouth in the mornings,” she said. She also noticed a clicking sound when opening her mouth before the massage, but afterward, she said, “… there was almost no click at all.”

In addition to the physical relief that an intraoral massage can provide, some individuals also experience emotional release. Emma Simpson, a board-certified structural integrator, claims that some cry, laugh, or do both after a massage (via Inner West Bodyworks).

Therapists, including Li’s, typically offer the option of a follow-up visit to reassess the jaw and determine if another session is needed. Li said the relief she received after her massage lasted at least three weeks.

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